Getting The Biggest Bang From Your Online Marketing Buck

How Well Do You Manage Your Content on the Web and in Your Social Media?

COPE contentYou’ve just written your latest blog post for your website, and you think it’s rather good. The folks who regularly visit your site will really enjoy reading it!

Ah…but wait, how many people actually are regularly visiting your site? Unless you are a well-established leader in your industry, great at SEO and promoting the heck out of your site (possibly with paid advertising), you’re probably not getting too many regular visitors, and you won’t be attracting as many new visitors as you’d like.

When you create content in order to market your product or service, you want to maximise the benefits you can reap for your effort. The important thing is to use the content you create in every single place where you are in contact with your audience. Some people will visit your site, but perhaps more see you every day on Facebook, or see your Twitter feed. Why not offer that newly crafted content there, too, and get some extra advantage while you’re about it?

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Whether your site automatically pushes your blog posts to Facebook or you have to manually create a link there, you can publish a tasty nugget – an excerpt of your post – on Facebook. When that gets clicked, you’ll bring visitors to your site. Google notices that stuff, you know!

How about a link between Facebook and Twitter? You can set up a connection between the two, so when you create a Facebook teaser to bring people to your site, you’ll send out a tweet at the same time. You should never miss a chance to get your Social Media activity to bring visitors to your site.

While there will be plenty of overlap between your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and website visitors, you’ll maximise your chances of reaching everyone by making a small amount of extra effort. And if the net result is more visitors to your site, you’re performing a very important SEO exercise into the bargain!

Now here’s circular reference for you: the better your Search Engine ranking, the more visitors you’re likely to bring to your site. But did you know that the more visitors you bring to your site, the better your Search Engine ranking will become? I’ll be talking more about SEO in another post, so stay tuned.

COPE teenyNever forget that your online presence is a sales tool. You can COPE, and you certainly should!

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